Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rocket Man Pt 2

So today I was woken up at 7am to go bouldering. I almost had feeling similar to the feeling where you don't want to get out of bed because you're dreading to go to work. But I did manage to get out 20mins later and left the house 20mins later than I should have.

The rock in the morning was in pretty ideal condition so I just quickly warmed up on a V3 and started working on the first move again of Rocket Man. I felt like I made some really good progress. Last session, I only managed to stick the first move twice out of about 20 attempts? But today I was sticking it probably once in every 4-5 attempts. The first session my high point was slapping my hand around 20-25cm too low of the next hold but today I managed the slap the lip of the second hold around 3 times. I'm getting really close to finishing the problem as it is only 2 hard moves into an easy jug and onto a scarey mantle. I hope it will be in the bag in another few sessions!

It's a strange feeling being almost bipolar as most attempts shut me down but once in a while I get a little further, make some progress and I'm instantly psyched again. After getting tired of working on Rocket Man, I hopped back onto trying to repeat If The Shoe Fits in hoping to keep this climb fresh in my mind so that one day I can eventually link up The Shoe and Rocket Man to become L'homme Obu.

We had quiet a few people come out to boulder today, so all in all it was a really fun day hanging out with my friends, taking shots of them and helping to spot and support them onto their sends for the day. Andrew sent a pretty high V3 and flashed a V3 with a hard mantle. Evan was able to Fit The Shoe today. Ren made awesome progress on both The Shoe and R.M. Greg sent Man Killer after weeks of working on it. It was a very satisfying day out. I hope the bouldering gods bless us with good cool weather again next weekend for another shot at Rocket Man.

Nina doing a V2 mantle.

After the crux on Arms Race

1st move on Rocket Man

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