Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mann Killer

I come to this crag every week feeling hopeful that this could be the day I send Rocket Man. Then every time, after a few shots, it has a way of reminding me how brutal and how much focus it wants me to put into climbing it. I'm bleeding under the tips. This thing has become my nemesis!

There were periods of sprinkle/light rain. But despite the weather, the holds were dry and this week, I'm able to reach for the hold and having a little bit of purchase before my feet swing out and everything goes wrong. I had some scarey falls, just narrowly missing the pads a few times and actually smashing my left heel off the mat onto a rock twice. I'm still psyched to get out there, hopefully next weekend to do this all over again.

I'm quite happy but I guess it hasn't hit me how close I am to finishing it off. Maybe I don't want to know how close I am otherwise I will start to feel frustration and anxiety which isn't going to be good for me.

After having a good burn on R.M., I hopped onto Mann Killer V8. Second shot, I'm already at the last hold of this 4 move problem (before topping out a slightly high V2). Compared to other V8's that I've done, this one definitely feels alot easier - perhaps a soft V8? All in all, it was sent in about 5 attempts.

Earlier in the day, I sent Full Metal Jacket V5 second shot, which is a cool problem. You start on 2 decent side pulls and jumping to a jug before going to a few good holds and topping out - a classic I must say.

Other notable sends for the day: Nathan Harrowell also sending Mann Killer and AV finished off the V3 that does left of Mann Killer.

Tony on the last hard move of Mann Killer.
Photo by Nam Tran.

Nate on Mann Killer.
Photo by Nam Tran.

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