Monday, April 26, 2010


Big congrats to Rob for sending his project "Low Sloper Dan" extension to the benchmark classic "Sloper Dan Milosovic".

Upon arriving at the problem, Robbie nearly sent it first shot, falling off the last hold before the jugs. But a few tries later, he dispatched this problem, making it look so easy. I'm not sure how many sessions Rob spent on this problem but everyone was definitely happy that he has finally finished it. You can see the relief and stokeness in his face at the end of the video!

Phil on Sloper Dan
Photo by Nam Tran.

Philip Thai and Andrew Chan figured out some new beta for Sloper Dan's first few moves - unlocking another piece in the puzzle. The boys were looking strong on this problem and definite progression will be made on our next time out.

Chris Fitton was able to do the violent drop in on Who Killed The Kennedy's quiet easily. The crux for him was managing to keep his La Sportiva Venom's on his foot! Hopefully he gets some shoes that actually fit him for the next time he visits the Frontline.

Chris linking a V2 into Paratrooping.
Photo by Robert Trieu

Evan McCarthy and myself spent sometime on If The Shoe Fits. We both made some awesome progress but now we're met with the hardest move on the problem - holding the cut when going for the final move. I haven't tried this problem since last winter. Last time trying the Shoe, I was only able to do the first move. This year I can comfortable do the 3 moves that make up this line minus holding the cut.

Andrew Chan on Paratrooping
Photo by Robert Trieu

We all tried Paratrooping early in the day but last night's rain left the rock still quiet damp and not ideal to climb on. When trying the V7 moves on their own, I thought I was going to do the problem but linking in the first few V2 start moves, it feels totally like a different ball game.

I'm so psyched to keep climbing hard and training hard during the week. Hopefully the weather will be good next weekend, I definitely want to get back onto Paratrooping, Low Sloper Dan and If The Shoe Fits!


Oh and I have to invest in a decent tripod to do some cool videos, thanks Andrew for lending me your uber tripod!

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